What It Means To Be An Extreme Couponer

Extreme couponing is fast increasing in popularity as more and more people are becoming engrossed in this activity. To most extreme couponers, it is a way of life, while there are those who condemn such an activity to be destructive and unhealthy. But what exactly is extreme couponing? A lot of people may be familiar with TLC’s reality TV show with the same namesake, but only a small portion of the population really understands the concept of extreme couponing. Here are a few basics things that you need to know about couponing in general and how it grew and became a passion in the lives of many Americans.

Coupons are essentially documents that manufacturers and grocery stores produce as a part of their marketing strategy. In order to increase the sales of new and even old products, they release coupons through fliers, newspapers, and online advertisements. Coupons entitle customers to discounts which in turn enable them to gain significant savings. In addition, coupon codes also inspire loyalty as most consumers nowadays highly value cheap prices over other elements of products in the market.

A lot of you may have tried out using coupons to save a bit on this and that from time to time. You must admit to the fact that they do work and that coupons really allow you to save when shopping for basic necessities such as canned goods, noodles, toiletries, hygiene products, and even frozen food items. So what is the difference between the typical use of coupons and extreme couponing? The latter is a tedious and painstaking activity which deems super couponers to dedicate time and effort in order to get the best deals from coupons.

Extreme couponing became an emerging trend after the economic recession that affected millions of Americans in recent years. Fear of going hungry or running out of basic supplies have motivated extreme couponers to continue this activity until today. Who would want to go hungry and without the most basic of necessities anyway? Extreme couponers claim that stockpiling is a good measure as it provides them a sense of security that they have enough to last them for many months, and in some cases, for many years to come.

However, extreme couponers are also known to have this addiction towards the activity itself. A lot of people who detest this penny-pinching practice claim that it is unhealthy as it disrupts normal life. Some social experts even claim that majority of extreme couponers don’t necessarily have the needs for the goods and products that they purchase with coupons, but it’s the need for the adrenaline rush that comes along the idea that they are getting a lot more for a lot less.

Extreme couponers stretch their dollars as much as they can. This is possible with stacking coupons when buying goods at the supermarket. There are different ways on how consumers make use of coupons and savings when doing their regular shopping. A cut out coupon from Sunday newspaper may provide an extreme couponer with 50% off on a single purchase. Coupons have various types of discounts and deals. Aside from the usual 50% discount, some manufacturers even provide consumers with a chance to get free items when they purchase in bulk.

Aside from the manufacturer’s coupon that we commonly see in newspapers, couponers also take advantage of store discounts. Stacking is another concept that extreme couponers utilize when doing their regular shopping. Most coupons are stackable. This means that consumers can enjoy two or more discount deals. For instance a 50% coupon may be stacked with a current deal that a supermarket has. This enables consumers to save more or even get some products for free. Some supermarkets also carry out deals such as doubling or tripling the worth of coupons. Some extreme couponers even report taking home a car full of groceries without having to pay a single penny. This is indeed couponing in every sense of the word.

All of these great benefits don’t come easy to extreme couponers. If you are aspiring to be one, you need to invest a lot of your time and effort to become successful in such an endeavor. Here are extreme couponing tips that beginners should remember:

  • Set an attainable goal

Of course your mission is to get as much as you want for less. This is the objective of all extreme couponers. The more, the better. But you also need to realize that it will take a considerable amount of time before you can actually reduce your usual $200 weekly grocery bill to a mere $8.99. You first have to be realistic with your goal. You first need to collect the coupons that you will need when shopping, Start by collecting the coupons that you will need for basic necessities.  Your collection of coupons will grow over time. Try to scavenge coupons from Sunday newspapers and from online websites. Assess your coupons weekly and pick up those that you need for your next trip at the store.

  • Develop excellent organization skills

All extreme couponers are highly organized. Being orderly and systematic are traits that extreme couponers share. In order to keep track of the useful coupons, they need to placed in folders and arranged in a system wherein consumers can easily look for them when the need arises. Coupons are useless when they are expired. Make sure to remember the expiration dates so you can enjoy a significant amount of savings.

  • Be open to changes

Extreme couponing may mean that you have to consider other bands for the usual products that you purchase at the grocery store. Your regular items may not be on sale or on discount all the time. If you are not open to becoming flexible when it comes to brands, extreme couponing may not be a satisfying activity for you.

Start with these tips and work your way up. Remember that extreme couponing is a way for you to save money. Purchasing products which you don’t need totally negate your mission of getting a good deal altogether. Be a smart shopper and practice extreme couponing with caution. It can be really addicting!