Tips for Trading Coupons

Tips of the Trade of Couponing:

1.Take your grocery lists and stick to it!

2.Do not buy items from the end caps if possible a lot of times they mark these as “SALES” items but most of the times they are put there to tease you into buying them and they put a lot of impulse items on those end caps! Take the few extra steps and go into the aisles and you will nine times out of ten you will find the item you were looking cheaper!

3.Shop ONLY where you can get the best value for your coupons! If you have a store that allows you to double or triple your coupons take advantage of those HUGE savings!

4.Get your coupons ready for your trip! There is nothing worst than sitting in an aisle trying to find that one coupon you needed for an item that is ON SALE this week! Try to organize your shopping trip according to the weekly sales flier and have all of the coupons you will be using for this shopping trip in ONE Location that is easy to find in your coupon book.

5.Do not buy items from the first aisle or at the checkout! We have all been there where we are lured into buying those impulse items like a magazine or something we weren’t planning on buying only because it is on sale! Grocery stores set up their design with YOU in mind! They make sure to put those impulse items on the end caps and at the checkout to tease you! RISE ABOVE and resist your urges!

6.When using your coupons another great tip to help you save LOTS of money is to purchase the smallest size item for the coupon you have! Another words if you have a $1 off a box of Crest toothpaste purchase the smallest size allowed. Why you ask? Because nine times out ten the smaller size is going to be a lot cheaper and then you combine that with your coupon you are using and your savings can be huge! PLUS if you stockpile your coupons you can MULTIPLES of that Crest toothpaste for pennies!

7.When purchasing and item that is BUY ONE GET ONE FREE most stores will allow you to use TWO coupons on these since you are techinially getting two items! That can lead to HUGE savings for you!

8.If you go to your store to buy an item that is on sale and that you have a coupon for and you find out they are sold out! By all means head straight to your customer service office and get a rain check! Also make sure you can multiple of that product if they allow it!