Stockpiling & Organizing Your Groceries

Now when stockpiling please keep in mind that you need to have room in your home for these items. You can store non perishables in closets or in the basements, and perishable items make sure you have a large freezer to help you out.

The idea is eventually your house is going to be stockpiled with all of your goodies that it will make your grocery shopping a lot easier because then you will only be shopping for items you can get good deals on not items you need because you are already stockpiled. And don’t forget to combine your coupons with store sales and rebates to make your savings even bigger.

While stockpiling is your ultimate goal you want to make sure that the item or items you are stock piling are things you use regularly or that you family does use, also that you are truly getting a very good deal. You do not want to stock pile items just because you have a lot of coupons it is always best to wait for those sales so that you are truly saving yourself a lot of money.

Here is a good example of starting your stockpile:

You have a coupon for Kelloggs cereal $1.50 on one box, and your local Walgreens is running a special on Kelloggs cereal 2 for $3.

So you take your coupons and go to Walgreen and stockpile of FREE Cereal and your stockpile is born.

Remember you will take time to get your stockpile full and that is ok. No one can get a large stockpile in just a few grocery trips. But it is the constant bargains and deals that allow you to stock up on items that are free or nearly free that is when you need to stockpile.

Organizing your stockpile:

Now I think more important that building your actual stockpile is keeping an idea of what all if in your stockpile. You don’t want to overstock on one particular item to the point that it will be no good when you finally get around to using it.

  • Space in your home-It is best that you control your stockpile not letting your stockpile control you, another words you do not want to sacrifice space in your home or in your living areas just to fill with stockpile items. Stockpile items should fit nicely into closets or freezers out of sight and not in your families living space.
  • Expiring Food-You should also make sure that when storing your food that you keep items that are expiring first in the front and the ones with a longer expiration date in the back. You want to keep a good eye on this as the last thing you want to do is serve your family food that is not safe because it is way past the expiration date.

Tips of the Trade of Couponing:

*Use coupons that you find in the stores! You know we have all seen them the blinkies that are in the aisles with the coupons that pop out! Now it is only proper NOT to take them all but take what you can and will use.

Also look for coupons on the products themselves, also look at your receipt often time you will get coupons when you check out. Keep those for your next trip.

And if your local store has rebate forms, be sure to check because a lot of times you can get your items for free or a great discount so always ask your local grocery store.

*Rainchecks-If you go into a store to stock up on a item that is on sale and they are currently out of that item, go to your customer service area and ask for a rain check!

*Smaller is better-Unlike shopping at your warehouse stores buying items in the smallest size allowed on the coupon often times will save you big bucks! So be sure to be aware of the sizes of the products you are purchasing with your coupons!