Starting Out October 8, 2018 by TheCouponTrainer

We often get the question….I really want to start couponing but I don’t know where to start, what do I do? The first thing you want to do before you go printing coupons or buying papers is READ READ READ.

You can not expect someone to do all the work for you and until you read and understand, you will struggle and not understand it.

I am not going to lie and say its easy….it’s NOT easy and it IS time-consuming. Is it rewarding? Does it pay off? Yes!!

So you want to learn to coupon huh? Well, you need to learn the lingo! Don’t worry we got you covered there too. We have put all the lingo into one place for you to find. You can even go back to reference a specific part if you need to! Read the LINGO!

Couponing is saving money. You are NOT saving money if you do not know what you’re doing and what a good deal is!

To coupon correctly you are waiting for a sale or a clearance item to pair with a coupon. You ARE NOT saving the most you can if you are just buying random things because you think 50 cents off is a good deal….It’s usually not!

Everyone usually will spend more on items when you are starting out and building your stockpile. When you get your stockpile at a good “pile” you will find out that your “stock up prices” will be a lot cheaper than what you originally paid to build your stockpile.

Why? Well because you are excited and you want to get deals and to you saving 50% of what you USE to pay is …. a “good deal” so you buy it. Well once you see that your savings on a regular basis could be 80%% to 100% (Yes FREE) then your pricing will change. Starting out… a 4 Pack of toilet paper for 50 cents to a dollar might be a good deal to you…When you learn to coupon and do it well…you will find that a 4 pack of toilet paper should be FREE or below 50cents!

So now that you have read the Lingo and you understand a little more about couponing;

Start collecting the Sunday paper. Coupon inserts Redplum (RP) SmartSource (SS) and P&G (PG) come out in the Sunday paper. These are the inserts that most of your coupons will come from.

Visit our page!! We will post deals and matchups that will help you with what the sales and coupons are. We are focusing on the USA because that’s where we know the stores the best!

Some stores will double coupons for amazing savings! We know which stores those are and you can find all that information here! Again this is for the USA only!! I am sorry but We just don’t know what stores will double outside of our state!

So this is “Starting Out” Couponing in the USA. READ before you start. Know what you are looking for! Know the best way to save! Start collecting coupons! Read the matchups! Join our group on facebook and ask questions!