Saving BIG with CVS & Rebates

CVS -Your Friendly COUPON STORE:

If you have been in the coupon community for long then you have probably heard people rave about two BIG stores when it comes to HUGE Savings and friendly towards couponers! CVS and Walgreens! Here I will give you a brief overview of the CVS system and how you can use it to really save your family a bundle!

First off CVS offers a customer card called “Extra Care Card” do not I repeat do not leave home without this little jewel! Everytime you shop at CVS NO matter what you purchase use your “Extra Care Card” you earn 2% back on all of your purchases!

These cards are FREE and it takes you two minutes to fill out and receive. Another benefit of owning this card is CVS will send you special coupons and savings you might not receive otherwise!

CVS Coupons:

Most CVS Stores have a scanner by their front door that will allow you to simply scan your “Extra Care Card” and it will automatically print you out coupons that are current that you can use in their store! Now that is a nice time saver!

These coupons can be used ALONG with your normal manufactors coupons that you collect from your newspaper! In other words, if you have a coupon for a $1 off Crest Toothpaste and CVS has a coupon for $.50 off Crest toothpaste, you can use them BOTH and save $1.50 off your tube of toothpaste!!!

CVS Extra Care Bucks:

One of the other perks of owning this little gem is the Extra Care Bucks you earn!

These are like instant rebates or CVS dollars you can use in their store to save you some big time money! If you look in your Sunday paper, on some sales items it will say “purchase 3 twelve packs of Pepsi and earn $5 in ECB”.

Once you make that purchase your ECB will print right on the bottom of your receipt and you use that on your next trip to substract $5 off your next purchase!! Here is a great example in plain English:

In the Sunday paper it says buy Huggies Diaper 90ct and receive $3 in ECB.

So you buy the chips and get your receipt, now on your next trip you need more diapers so purchase another package of Huggies on sale for $9.99 and you give the cashier your $3 in ECB and your diapers now just cost you $6.99!!

Now when you get really good at collecting those ECB and shopping frequently at your local CVS you can take HUGE shopping trips and walk out paying next to nothing for your regular purchases!

There are soo many ways to save at CVS from using their coupons and your manufactors coupons PLUS purchasing items to earn the ECB.

Extra Care Bucks Mailings:

Now on top of purchasing those items in the store to earn those ECB you earn 2% back on the dollar amount you spend every three months in CVS. And they reward you buy sending you out Extra Bucks in the mail for 2% of what you spent! So for example if you spent $100 in three months you will receive a ECB for $2 you can earn on your next purchase! And occasionally you will receive ECB just for being a member!

Taking advantage of Rebates and Refunds

Now that you have learned how you can save big money with your couponing, it is time to learn how you can save even more with refunds and rebates! Just takes a little more time and organization to accomplish!

A lot of times items in the store may be marked as having a rebate to go with it! Walgreens is really good about offering rebates and these are literally cash in your pocket for little effort so take advantage of these! Here is what you need to complete rebates:

  1. Forms-You should be able to gain access to the rebate form at the customer service office or in their rebate catalog. On the forms you will need to fill in the basic information such as your name and address, birthdate etc.
  2. Proof of Purchase-All rebates need to have a proof that you actually purchased the item in order for you to receive a rebate. So KEEP your receipts! Sometimes they may ask for receipt and also a cut out of the UPC code on the product itself so read those rebate forms THOUROUGLY so you are not wasting your time and effort.

Now where do you get those rebate forms?

    • Online Printables-A lot of times you can find these on the manufactors website! Or you may read about it in a magazine so keep your eyes open!
    • Stores-Also in your stores on the products themselves or maybe in their weekly flier some customer services offices even have a stand out front with rebates forms right on them so you can stop and pick at the forms you will need! Walgreens has a rebate catalog monthly that you can look at earn some BIG times rebates each month!
    • Sunday Coupon Inserts-Not only will you find great coupons in your Sunday inserts but a lot of times you will find sweepstakes and contests and rebate forms in those inserts so search well and take advantage of those savings!

Things to Remember Before You Mail Those Rebates:

  1. Make sure you put the correct address and name on your forms
  2. Make sure you are sending out the rebates before the expiration date
  3. Read the fine print that you are sending in everything that they requested
  4. Make sure if they ask for proof of purchase that you have included that
  5. Make sure you send the receipt and that the receipt is legible so they can read it
  6. Make a copy of the form and your proof of purchase and in the upper corner mark the date that you are mailing your rebates forms out so you can keep your forms organized and then you can be aware of when you expect your rebates returned.
  7. Make sure you put proper postage on the envelope
  8. Make sure you double check that you sending this to the correct address and that everything is spelled correctly


Who doesn’t like getting HUGE Savings with coupons! In this bonus section I will also share with you some great sites to find FREEBIES and samples so that you constantly getting goodies in your email box!! One of my favorite sites is Freeflys! This is a wonderful site with a HUGE assortment updated weekly with great manufactors freebies!