How to Save at the Grocery Store September 28, 2018 by TheCouponTrainer

Here are a few of my favorite sites/tips that offer some great information on Saving at the Supermarket that can help you as you start on your moneysaving journey.

1. Be sure to plan ahead before going to the grocery market:

Check your local sales ads and favorite sales blogs before making your grocery lists out to see what’s on sale.

2. Gather/Clip your coupons:

Match up your coupons with the sales. There are plenty of sites that do the matching up for you:

Coupon Mom
The Grocery Game

Or print coupons online:

(Try and go to markets that double the manufacturer coupons to double the savings! )

3.Try the store brand instead of the name brand items.
Believe it or not, sometimes there really isn’t a difference other than the price. For instance, I actually prefer the Pathmark brand of loaf bread to stroehmann bread as it is so soft and fresh!

4. Check unit prices per size vs cost.
This can sometimes make a really big difference in derterming whether the price is good for the value! More doesn’t alway mean better savings. Stay informed and you’ll save more.Do you know the difference between an item price and a unit price? If not, you can get more details here.

5. Buy your meats in bulk family packs and separate into smaller packs for freezer storage.

6.If an item is on on sale for example 3/$5, you don’t always have buy the full 3 items unless stated “You Must Buy 3″. 
Example: That pasta that is advertised at 3/$5 is really only $1.66 wyb buy just 1.

7.If an advertised item is out of stock, get a raincheck! Most stores will issue you a raincheck for the sale price so that you can the item for that price.

A few more tools to help guide you as well!

Newbies can start here with HCW’s Couponing 101 article.

Track all of your rebates with an Online Rebate Tracker .

Start a Grocery Price Book .You can download and print your own. ( I actually have this spreadsheet!)

Download a Grocery Savings Tracker and a Stockpile Calculator here to help keep you aware of your savings and needs.

Do you have any ideas or tools that you use?