How to Organize & Store Your Coupons

I have all these coupons, now what do I do with them?

There is no right or wrong way to organize your coupons. There is only the way that works for you! There are a few different “methods” for organizing your coupons.

If cutting all of them is too much for you, just cut out 5 inserts worth! Don’t over think it and stress yourself out!

Find your Local Store Ads:

In my area, our grocery store ads come in the Mail on Tuesday’s and Wednesdays. This is a great way to sit down and compare the current sales with your coupons you have on hand. If you cannot find a sale ad you can always visit that store’s website to see if they have their sale ad on their sites.

Another tip or tricks is the best way to get the best savings is to visit more than one store per week because each store will have different sales and specials going on and this will allow you to save the most.

Couponing Catagories:

Sample Categories

Baby Products
Baking (cakes, muffins, etc)
Body (lotions, make up)
Canned Goods
Cat Food
Cleaning Aids
Dog Food
Feminine Hygiene
Frozen Foods
Household (film, batteries, light bulbs)
Instant Dinners
Jar Items
Mouth (Toothpaste/Brush/Mouthwash)
Paper Products
Plastic Bags
Seasoning Mixes

Organizing Methods:

This is probably the most important aspect of your couponing experience is there are several ways to organize and stockpile your coupons! You need to find out which way is going to be the easiest for you and your family. Here are just a few examples:

There is no wrong way or right way to organize your coupons only what works for you. Here are just a few suggestions to help you out.

File System– Works like a filing system! This is my favorite way and probably 2nd most common. You can organize again however you want but instead of squishing them into baseball card holders… you just slip them in between the folder or accordion spot. A lot of people will get an accordion type of file cabinet and for each week they will put a file folder inside with that week’s coupons they collected. Then when it comes time to start making your grocery list you can go through your folders and find the coupons that you need.

Some people will also use this system as a backup system to store coupons that they might not need right away. This is a fine system for storing your coupons, but I found it can be quite a time consuming going through folder after folder just looking for particular coupons that you need for a particular shopping trip

Binder Method– Another great way to store your coupons is using a binder. Usually, they purchase a 3 ring binder and fill with baseball card clear pages inside. The idea with using the binder method is to keep things simple and to help you find your coupons in a fast and timely manner.

You will need to make sure that you trim your coupons good in order for them to fit into the baseball card sleeves, and you may have to fold them in half if they are large coupons. You also will do better to put the longer coupons on the bottom row so they are not covering up all your other coupons or sticking out of the top of your binder. These will hold your coupons.

Now you are can organize them by putting in page dividers and divide each section such as bath and body, pets, baby care etc. Then the pages that are in each section you can divide up into an Alphabetic. You can even include pages in the back of your binder for rebates and refunds that you have received.

This is a very popular method, but for me personally, I did not like having to carry around a big and bulky binder. Because if you are anything like me I have a ton of coupons and this can prove to be a very heavy and awkward to carry binder.

Shoebox or Recipe Box or Baby Wipe Box–  Depending on how many coupons you have stockpiled will depend on whether you a simple plastic recipe file container or a large shoe box. But then you use index card dividers to divide the areas into your coupon categories.

CD Holder– Much like the binder method some people will use those small CD holders to hold their coupons in. You can use the large CD Holders the nice thing about this method it easily holds larger coupons and it is very easy to tote around.

Envelope Method– This is also a very popular method. But I must stress up front that method is very easy for you to lose or accidentally throw away a whole envelope of coupons on accident so keep them somewhere safe!

Ziploc Bag – Least common and less organized is the ziplock bag. Works great for some but not many! You have separate baggies for your choosing or store, department etc. The picture below she said she uses a bag for “home essentials” and another for “groceries”


But you basically have one envelope for each category of coupons you need and you simply insert your coupons inside the envelopes and then head to the grocery store. You may want to hold all of your envelopes in a folder to keep them all in one place.

My Favorite Organizer

My personal favorite and time saving was the file folder accordion style. I am not a clearance or spur of the moment shopper and save time by not clipping all my coupons. Mine go into files or cubbies with the date and insert on the outside so I can pull the insert quick when I do my shopping. After I pull them from their cubby they then go into a mini accordion style folder that is organized by store. I print my shopping list of the site and put it with the coupons so my whole trip is planned out with my coupons.