Getting Organized October 8, 2018 by TheCouponTrainer

I have all these coupons, now what do I do with them?

There is no right or wrong way to organize your coupons. There is only the way that works for you! There are a few different “methods” for organizing your coupons.

If cutting all of them is too much for you, just cut out 5 inserts worth! Don’t over think it and stress yourself out!

What ways can I organize?

There are a lot of ways to organize your coupons. No 1 way is right and may not work for you!

Binder – This is the #1 most common way but it doesn’t work for everyone. It is a lot of time spent clipping coupons you may never use! Binder method is where you take a binder and usually baseball cards. You cut all your coupons and put them in the cardholder. They are organized by aisle, type, alphabet….that is your choice! Some people have multiple binders for different things like home goods and groceries.

Ziploc Bag – Least common and less organized is the ziplock bag. Works great for some but not many! You have separate baggies for your choosing or store, department etc. The picture below she said she uses a bag for “home essentials” and another for “groceries”

File Folder/Accordion – Works like a filing system! This is my favorite way and probably 2nd most common. You can organize again however you want but instead of squishing them into baseball card holders… you just slip them in between the folder or accordion spot.

My personal favorite and time saving was the file folder accordion style. I am not a clearance or spur of the moment shopper and save time by not clipping all my coupons. Mine go into files or cubbies with the date and insert on the outside so I can pull the insert quick when I do my shopping. After I pull them from their cubby they then go into a mini accordion style folder that is organized by store. I print my shopping list of the site and put it with the coupons so my whole trip is planned out with my coupons.