Get Coupons for the Stuff You Already Use and Love

Just a quick tip – which some of you may already know….BUT I just discovered this last year and it has really paid off.

Just take a look thru your pantry and on your grocery list for the items you use the most or maybe those you just never seem to find coupons for and look up the company online and send them an email via their “contact us” page. I’ve found that EVERY single email i have ever sent is responded to both via email AND snail mail. Usually the email response is bland and generic, but the snail mail response ALWAYS comes with coupons!

What do I write? What do they send?
Usually, I write a short note of praise. Saying how much I love their product or how it has helped me and my family. For instance, I love the Scrubbing Bubbles products. I wrote that I loved how their flushable toilet wand was not only handy and easy to use, but did such a great job and I liked not having a dirty toilet brush sitting around all the time. I just thanked them for making my life easier and they sent me several coupons in the mail a couple days later – a few for $2 off and one for a product of my choice!

Anyway, I’ve started making it a goal to send out 5 emails a day to various companies and I am so excited to check my mailbox every day now – there is always a surprise in there! Here is just a few of who I’ve written to and what I’ve received (from last year):

Skintimate $.75 off
Scrubbing Bubbles Free product up to $4
Pampers    2 x $5 off jumbo pampers
Knorr     lots of coupons for free product
Gerber     2 x FREE Gerber Food Product up to $3
Similac 2 x $3 off, 6 x $1 off
Huggies 2 x $1 off, 1 FREE jumbo package
Hefty     Free product coupon
Seventh Generation $1 off coupons
Gerber $1 off coupons
Similac Two free powdered formulas, 4 x $5 off coupons
Ziploc (SC Johnson) Coupon free Ziploc Bags
Welchs 3 x $.50 off coupons
Clorox Coupon for Free Green Works Cleaning Wipes

Who have you guys written to and had luck with?  Some companies are definitely more generous than others.  Share your experience with us!