Send Your Expired Coupons Military Families

What do you do with all those expired coupons every month? Do you recycle them or just throw them away? Well, you could be sending them to our military families who are stationed overseas. These families can use our expired manufactures coupons at the commissary up to 6 months after the expiration date. I have been sending my expired coupons for the last several months and have to say that I feel much better about someone being able to use these, rather than just throwing them in the trash. Lots of time and energy went into acquiring those coupons and I hate the thought of them going to waste.

Military Bases overseas have volunteer programs that collect and distribute expired coupons. The coupons are distributed to military family’s who shop at the post exchange or the commissaries. Some of the programs are Coupon Connection Program, Coupon Expiration Program, or Overseas Coupon Program. Whatever the program, the goal is the same, to help military families of Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and Sailors save money and stretch their budgets.

Receiving coupons from the folks stateside is the only way that these families have to get coupons. Why not take 5 minutes and stick those expired coupons in an envelope and mail them. I think my most expensive envelope was no more than a couple of dollars to mail. What a small price to pay for families that sacrifice so much for us.

Mail expired coupons to

Family Services Coordinator
Unit 5200 Box 105
APO, AE 09461