Beginners’ Resources November 1, 2018 by TheCouponTrainer

While I can write posts about Couponing 101 and how to save more at the grocery stores, I find that the majority of posts out there are sufficient enough and basically all cover the same concept of helping beginners learn how to save more. Here is a list of my favorites that can help you along the way if you are new to couponing or need a refresher!

Read Grocery Store Savings Secrets to get the most for your buck.

You can start by learning how to use the Couponmom’s system of how to save money by watching this short video.

Coupon lingo is a must as there are so many acronyms out there and making sense of it all at 1st can seem daunting. Ginger has compiled an extensive list that can help you sort through the language of coupons.

HotCouponworld has the best and most comprehensive lists available:

Coupon 101 for Complete Beginners

Coupon 102 for Trading,Rebates & Tracking your Savings

Coupon 103 for Rebates, Refunds & Special Promotions

Slickdeals has a great thread on CVSing for Beginners here.

Need help with Walgreens? Get the basics here.

Hopefully this list will serve as helpful tool that will encourage you on your Frugal Path!!