15 Tips for New Couponers October 8, 2018 by TheCouponTrainer

New Couponer Tips:

  1. Extreme Couponing show is not realistic couponing.
  2. Research – You can not be a lazy couponer! Look at the matchups on here and see which deals you want to do!
  3. Organize – Get your list and pair it with your coupons. Have them ready BEFORE you go!
  4. Know the store schedule. You can see most of them by clicking here.
  5. If what you went for is gone – ask for a rain check.
  6. Watch limits – Often you will see “limit 2″ or “must buy 2″
  7. In most cases, you can only use 1 manufacturer coupon for 1 item. You can use 1 store and 1 manufacturer coupon on 1 item though!
  8. You can use coupons on sale and clearance items.
  9. You can not copy a coupon, it is illegal and you can go to jail for it.
  10. Print off the coupon policies and have them with you for the stores you plan to use coupons at.
  11. Sales cycle every 3 to 6 months. If you miss the deal, we will see it again!
  12. Always sign up for store loyalty cards, many give out coupons, eCoupons, and members save a lot of money!
  13. 10 for $10 deal doesn’t mean you have to get 10 items for them all to be $1.00, unless stated “must buy6”, it will all ring up $1.00.
  14. Buy 4 Save $4 deals requires you to buy 4 of the participating items in order to save $4 ( or $1 each item).
  15. Join our group to ask questions and see deals not posted online!